Really impressed with the selection of tackle and equipment East Coast Sports offers. From the selection that they offer, you can tell that their employees are very knowledgeable fisherman. They have the good stuff! Past the tackle and equipment, the service here is amazing. Jerry and Chuck have been hugely helpful in turning me into a speckled trout fisherman — I really appreciate it guys.

- Nicholas D.

Purchased a cart for surf fishing. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Even held the cart for me until I could empty my truck to make room and come back later. Very nice, clean, well-stocked store. Will visit any time I’m in the area.

- Mike T.

Shout out to Sully and the fine staff at East Coast Sports in Surf City, NC!! Over the past two days, they have equipped me with all the basics I will need for successful pier fishing. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful with questions from a complete beginner like myself!!

- Shihan

I have been a customer for almost 30 years. Chris and Doug keep a great, friendly staff. They have all the tackle and gear you need. My wife can shop for clothes and shoes, so the entire family is covered. The new layout is the best yet. Will continue to shop here every time I am in the area.

- Don M.

This place is great. They helped us get set up for some fishing while in town and then were very kind and helpful after we had an issue with the rod (that was our own fault). Great selection of items in the store, awesome customer service, and very friendly staff! Happy we found this place.

- Madison A.

East Coast Sports has been my go-to spot for all fishing needs. They have all the equipment and bait and renew your license only minutes from water. I am glad they are open, so I can safely acquire my bait and tackle.

- Rick P.

These guys live for what they do. Their knowledge was awesome. So helpful on everything we asked.

- Christopher R.

Fantastic place. Great selection, great prices. Staff super friendly and very knowledgeable. Been in many times since the reopen, and when anyone asks where to go, we definitely say East Coast Sports. Great store w a hometown feel. 10/10

- Lora J.

Great selection for all of your fishing needs. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly…. if they don’t have what you want in stock, they will do everything possible to order it or find it for you!!!

- Layne L.

From the moment you walk in, you’re treated like family. On top of having everything you could conceivably need, the prices are very reasonable. We have been coming here for almost 10 years and have NEVER had anything but great experiences.

- Jeremy T.

Great place to get all your fishing tackle. They are always very friendly and easy to deal with. Prices are competitive as well. I highly recommend it.

- Grey Outdoor LLC

Always treated me right when I go in…ol’ boy even opened the case for me to look at the reels and things while he waited on other customers. Felt very comfortable, as usual. Thanks, fellas.

- Gilbert M.

Very well supplied and super nice people. We were there for fishing license, tackle, etc. Super nice place to go . Thank you, guys, for everything.

- William H.

The gentleman there were very kind and professional. They know what they are talking about and helped me tremendously.

- Sully B.

Small bucket of flies, but I wish some place on the island carried more fly-fishing gear. But still a great spot for everything else.

- Michael S.

Helpful staff. Don was great. Opened on Christmas Eve, which was much appreciated considering I needed to finish some shopping. Everyone come see Chris Medlin and his team when you are down.

- Chris E.

Great shop. I usually visit at least once or twice a year. I’ve been getting bait and some supplies here. Always friendly staff working when I stop.

- Kyle D.

Colin recommended a Diawa BG5000 reel paired with a Tsunami 9 ft MH rod, and it caught me a lot of fish on Topsail piers and in the surf. Thanks, Colin and East Coast Sports.

- Scott M.

East Coast Sports has all your fishing needs and much more. The owners are great people, and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

- Ann G.

When you need the perfect gift, go upstairs to their apparel and accessories department! Love their awesome brands and sportswear!!! We always find the PERFECT gift there.

- Richelle O.

Everything you need for fishing. From economical rod and reel combos to high-end rods and reels. They have bait and all kinds of tackle (inshore and offshore). Clean store. Like a candy land for fishermen.

- Donald B.

This is a fantastic place. It has everything you need for a day’s fishing or a day just full of adventures. The staff was very helpful and went above and beyond with customer service. Excellent place; will return again.

- Richard P.

Thank you, Sully and Doug! You guys (and a few other staff and store guests) saved the day for us. We came by in the spring after my clumsy son dropped his friend’s expensive fishing pole in the sound. Although we retrieved it, the reel was caked in mud. You guys helped us salvage what was almost a completely ruined fishing pole/reel. As my son and I had no fishing knowledge, we really appreciated being treated with genuine kindness, patience, understanding, and that you shared so much of your experience and knowledge to help us! I can’t thank you enough. In addition to appreciating the service of going above and beyond for us, we love your shop and the huge selection of products with everything we needed! My son now loves fishing, so we look forward to seeing y’all again soon when we bring him back to Topsail.

- Jennifer S.

Great, locally owned store. Had everything you need for fishing and just enjoying the beach. Great selection of fishing gear and clothing. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Colin was especially helpful and took the time to explain things to a newbie angler like myself. Highly recommend stopping here.

- Jake M.

Decently stocked tackle shop. Very knowledgeable staff. They had everything from UL rods to surf and deep sea rods. Don’t forget to ask about the cash discount!

- Grayson D.

Stopped by to ask for advice as a noob saltwater angler. A little bit later, I was catching fish in the surf and watching others as they looked on forlornly.

- Rick M.

Worked with Jerry to get set up for surf fishing while on vacation. He was great! Very knowledgeable. Thanks for the help!!!

- Eric W.

Great place to shop with a little of everything you need to get on the water. The employees helped set me up, and I was catching fish in no time.

- Bradley S.

Great selection of clothing, shoes, fishing gear, and boating gear. They have live bait and helpful staff. Prices are reasonable. There is plenty of off-street parking.

- K S

Tons of awesome fishing rods and equipment. They also had an upstairs area with clothes, I was impressed. Big place, nice employees.

- Zachary W.

Great, friendly, knowledgeable service. Large assortment; you should be able to find everything in one stop.

- Sean L.

This place was a great value. Gavin was awesome and very knowledgeable. Will definitely be my go-to.

- Billy S.

Good place to shop. Knowledgeable staff, willing to help you with all your needs and questions. Will definitely keep shopping there!

- Bryan G.

Really helpful if you’re down here looking for guidance on surf fishing. They also run charters/broker charters but we did not do that.

- John T.

East Coast Sports is wonderful! I’ve had two awesome experiences with them and will shop local and support their business every time I’m in Topsail area!

- Allison C.

Great place with a variety of affordable name brand apparel, and the staff is very friendly!

- Abbey B.

Family owned, operated with the help of some great long-time island residents and great captains. These people know what they are doing. and the smiling faces all around the store show it.

- Justin B.

Great tackle shop! The staff is very helpful and friendly. My go-to spot for tackle and bait.

- Wesley P.

Great store for all of your fishing and beach-going needs! Friendly staff!

- Lisa N.

Great tackle shop run by great people. They have what you are looking for and then some!

- Allen J.

Don’t waste your Island time running all over the island looking for your treasures. They’re all at one-stop shopping at East Coast Sports. I give them five stars.

- Jackie J.

Locally owned and operated. Biggest selection of offshore and inshore fishing equipment on the island. Tons of great clothes and souvenirs. The helpful staff are knowledgeable and eager to help. Some of the staff even fish the local waters multiple days a week, so they have their “finger on the pulse” of what’s biting around the island. Stop in and check them out.

- Jerry B.

I love this place! The staff is so helpful and even give recommendations, and it doesn’t feel like you’re being upsold. I would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in coastal sporting!

- Brassai M.

Excellent customer service, selection, and reasonable prices. Great local fishing knowledge for new and experienced fishermen. My go-to store when on Topsail Island.

- Cian R.

Great store! Jerry is the man. Super helpful and got me set up with everything I needed to take the kids fishing in about 10 minutes. Go here for sure and talk with Jerry!

- Raymond K.

Walked in like Zsa Zsa Gabor on Green Acres hoping to go fishing. Jerry was fantastic. Helped me pick out a fishing pole, the right hooks, and taught us how to tie knots in the fishing line. Thank you!! East Coast Sports has everything you need. Got our fishing licenses there, too! Great service. Great store. Great time.

- Tina M.

Very nice people. Also got to meet the owner who is the mayor of Surf City.

- Sean W.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Probably easiest place on island to get fishing license. Good bait selection and decent prices.

- Daniel M.

I love this place! The owner is an amazing man with a wonderful family. This place will have ALL your fishing needs!!

- Melissa K.

Best place on Topsail/Surf City for fishing gear. Plus, these guys are super honest and will tell you straight up what you need to pull off the fishing you want to do. Bonus points for spooling your rod for you and the crazy wide selection of products.

- Christopher N.

They sponsor The Fisherman’s Post Topsail surf and pier tournaments and give us a spot to host the awards ceremony. East Coast Sports is where I always get bait and tackle when on Topsail Island. Employees are always helpful and genuinely nice. 5 stars for sure.

- Britt M.

Great place for any and all types of tackle from light to HD. Very easy to speak with and will take the time to talk about what’s best, even if it’s against everything you’ve heard from “real fisherman.”

- Robert B.

Excellent service. I bought a rod and reel combo. Salesman was kind enough to supply me with a cardboard tube to take the rod on the plane on my trip back home! Good people – thank you!

- R S

More stuff and more organized since the reopening. Knowledgeable and helpful staff.

- Bill P.

Nice layout and the counter guy went the extra mile helping my daughter find exactly what she was looking for.

- John B.

Helpful staff despite being extremely busy. Pricing is a little high, but they have some items you can’t find just anywhere.

- Nick H.

We cannot say enough good things about Evan! He was friendly, polite, courteous, and extremely helpful during our visit this evening. He even let us in on one of his fishing secrets. Thank you, Evan!!!

- Ashley C.

Awesome customer service!!! I was looking for chemicals for our RV toilet, and they didn’t have any in stock. The gentleman at East Coast Sports not only called another place to check if they had any but asked them to hold me some. Wow!!!!!

- Kim J.

My little guy dropped his water bottle in the marsh at Soundside Park today. We went into East Coast Sports to get a net to retrieve it. When East Coast heard what happened, they sent their team member, Gavin, to help us save the water bottle from polluting our waters. Gavin was so kind and helpful! East Coast Sports has the best customer service around!

- Crystal M.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great selection of fishing supplies, and excellent customer service.

- L Alan S.

Wow, customer service is alive and well at East Coast Sports. A family business that provides everything you need for a great beach experience. They took care of our fisherman in the family and our beach lovers! Thanks so much for getting us outfitted for everything without breaking the bank.

- Lori H.