Fishing License, Surf City, NC

You can get a fishing license at our location when you’re shopping for gear.

Fishing License in Surf City, North CarolinaIf you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity to do in Surf City, North Carolina, fishing may be high on your list. Local residents love fishing in all the bodies of water that surround the city. Many different types of fish live in these bodies of water, so fishers can try their luck at catching drum, albacore, flounder, trout, puffer, sea mullet, and mackerel.

But before you pack up your gear and spend the day on the water, it’s important to check off a few boxes on your to-do list. The first item to tackle is getting the right fishing equipment based on the type of fishing you plan to do. Fishing from a boat requires different gear than fly fishing, so make sure you have what you need. At East Coast Sports, we have a wide selection of fishing gear for fishers of all skill and experience levels.

The next thing to do before you go fishing is to get the necessary fishing license. All fishers in the area are required by the authorities to have current fishing licenses. Have you ever wondered why a fishing license is required? A portion of the fee paid for each license goes toward improving access, which means fishers will reap the benefits of these improvements. License fees also help to clean up the waterways in the area and ensure they’re always well-stocked and ready for fishing.

You can get a fishing license at our location when you’re shopping for gear. Visit our shop today to get started.